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Our best finds in Minorca are in MPA 7, this year we decided to settle in Torralbenc for a weekend.
This haven of calm is nestled in between the vines so we rock up in a 4×4. Head straight for the pool amongst the olive groves before sneaking off to the XXL room with view over the sea, to catch the sunset to die for.

Tasting menu at dinner which will make your mouth water at every course. The local speciality is oliaigo, a tomato soup with roasted fig and raw prawns, succulent. The host suggests a pony trek, towards Cala Turqueta, with creeks that are only accessible on foot – white sand, verdant countryside and turquoise waters.

For the more extreme adventure seekers, take a bike scramble in the surrounding vineyards. The cherry on the cake – you can order a picnic to eat here under the trees. Sample the local cheese washed down with house wine, a great young chardonnay.
And then it’s time to go, we won’t be forgetting this idyllic decor anytime soon, it made us forget Paris in no time at all.

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