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Galleria Continua

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The summer may have whipped by too fast, you find yourself returning to your urban pad and taking the daily grind by the horns… So how about an exhibition to lighten the blow? We propose you an large helping of art in the other cider country (Briard not Normandy). Destination – the countryside just 60 km from Paris (exactly 1 hour from the Gare de l’Est), in Seine et Marne, Boissy-le-Châtel (5km from Coulommiers).

Vue du lac

Les Moulins

M.P.A invites you to enjoy the space – before the return to the open plan – and to make the most of the insanely handy proximity of this place, which will give your waning holidays a sort of grand finale.
An interior and exterior space mixing culture and nature: Galleria Continua. Galleria Continua is a truly extraordinary art gallery. The original incarnation opened in Italy in 1990 on a hill to the South West of Florence, in San Gimignano, taking the “continuity” from a former cinema of Cinema Paradiso ilk, now dedicated to contemporary art. Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo, all San Gimignano natives, have conceived of a space to offer up (and sell) contemporary art, architecture and landscape, in a city associated with the art of the Renaissance. The mothership, like a good Italian mamma, set up satellite branches very organically, as the founders met with artists, collectors and institutions. After Italy came Beijing, with a second gallery in 2005, then another in the Paris area in 2007. More recently they have developed across the Atlantic with the latest space set up in Havana.In 2007, Galleria Continua set up shop in the mills of a former paper factory of 10 000 m2dating from the 17th century, The immense factory is a very graphic reminder of the industrial era, and in opening its doors, Galleria Continua has also opened up the gardens, a landscaped backdrop for the art, and an organised wilderness which leads to the second site, Sainte-Marie. The link with the gallery is made by the artist couple Lucy and Jorge Orta, who have their studio within the same walls. The spaces are shaped by the artists, inside as well as outside, with the aim of anchoring Galleria Continua’s identity in the geography of the place: giving art, very often in dialogue with urban surroundings, the possibility to open up to the richness of the rural environs. Emphasis is also put on making it a pedagogical space. The perfect place for Sunday family outings, or school trips during the week. Galleria Continua is an adventure.

Daniel Buren

Sislej Xhafa ‘Whisper Harmony’

Les Moulins

A visit to a former paper mill and its surroundings full of gems. In this rough and ready artistic maze you can meander through Buren’s verticals, follow the Grand Morin (dream about having a dip), then continue along the river to ponder the work of Kader Attia, before slaloming between mirrors erected like giant swords piercing the ground which reflect the passing clouds.

Shilpa Gupta ‘Shadows Without Light’

Silvio de Sislej Xhafa

Daniel Buren

Take a walk in the post-apocalyptic image of the grey, lacklustre garden of Hans Op de Beeck (evocative of Pompeii with bodies frozen in time).

Pascale Martine Tayou ‘L’arbre à Palabres’

Feel miniscule beside the works of Anish Kapoor, evoking vortexes and black holes, be struck by the tensions and torsions of Arcangelo Sassolino, feel the piercing gazes of Leïla Alaoui’s Moroccan subjects, and be blown away by the monumental sand sculpture of a certain Silvio Berlusconi… A place just waiting to be discovered…

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