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D’une île

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M.P.A has already been to D’une île for an escape to the country, we had to go back because there’s been a change in ownership, and it’s not just anyone!

Since Sofie and Michel have gone back to live in Amsterdam, Bertrand Grébaut and his associate Théophile Pourriat, of Septieme and Clamato, bought this sublime property in Perche. Not much has changed in the decor of the eight rooms, they have the same charm and eccentric objects. The volumes and details of the converted farm buildings have been perfectly thought out. We went for room 3, a duplex with no neighbours and the most romantic of bathrooms with graphic lines in wood outlining the volumes. It’s also become kid friendly, parents can now bring their children to run around in the grass and scrump fruit while they doze in a hammock.

D’une île, the table.
The new draw, since the slow opening of last May, is the vegetable garden and kitchen. Finally a decent place to eat in Perche. The Septieme team has joined forces with local producers to create a 100% local menu, spiced up with aromatic herbs and vegetables from D’une île’s kitchen garden. The onsite team, Francesca, Valentin, chef in residence and his fiancée Fanny, pastry chef, have carte blanche and take care of everything, from the bread and brioche to the vegetable garden and infused waters. The team have to be versatile and the results are a delight. On the menu during these first months: Perche rillettes, new radishes with smoked butter, braised neck of lamb with black cardamon, veal medallions with capers and wild garlic. We couldn’t resist tasting half the menu including the desserts: cream chou pastry with white fig puree and cinnamon, or the trio of sorbets, fromage blanc with basil from the garden, meadowsweet and walnut leaf ice cream. We noticed the attention to detail with Moroccan ceramics from LRNCE bringing colour and graphic shapes to the plates.

We’re up for going there and back in a day to have lunch at Rémalard, as long as there’s space, we’re on the waiting list even before the official announcement, as the season is set to be busy for them with their grand opening. We’ll wait until the autumn, probably the best season to come and make the most of this little corner of paradise.

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