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100 years / 100% Bauhaus

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A priori, the name Weimar only appeals to a vintage generation fed on the history of the eponymous republic, or, those crazy about dogs, addicts of the elegant hunting dogs with their grey velours fur, the main subject of the American photographer headlining the Rencontres d’Arles 2018: William Wegman. You don’t happen upon this pleasant Thuringia town by accident, even though it’s only 2 hours south of Berlin by train. The impetus to visit Weimar today is the feverish desire to discover the origins of the most important, best known art movement of the 20th century, that still inspires the best contemporary artists and architects. 2019 sees the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, which calls for a little trip into the heart of Germany to unearth the design references and gems which definitively fused the practice of art and industrial function, inventing nothing less than modern art.

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100 years Bauhaus – German National Tourist Board

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