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Haus Am Horn

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Designed by Georg Muche, brilliant artist chosen by Gropius to give sculpture and weaving lessons at the Bauhaus, this house was built for the first Werkschau (exhibition) of 1923, with the idea of architecture as the ultimate object of conceptual work. The cubic structure, concrete walls and steel frame establish functionalism as the absolute rule. Form follows function. Originally the interior space of this box had furniture and kitchen designed by Marcel Breuer, and lamps by Joseph Albers, while the exhibition catalogue was taken care of by Hungarian typographist/ photographer Lazlo Moholy-Nagy. It was during this event, which livened up the depressed interwar period, that Walter Gropius who had previously doubted the positive values of industry, announced the reconciliation of technique and production. Gesamtkunstwerk, the ideal work of art, was his mantra.